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E-Commerce Price Options
Option Set Up Fee Monthly Charge Yearly Charge Contract Trans Fees % Rate Minimum Charges HTML Coding Need Merchant Account
Option #1 No $49.95 N/A No $.30 2.39 No Yes No
Option #2 $199 $25.00 N/A No $.30 2.29 No No Yes
Option #3 No N/A N/A No $.30 2.20 $1,000 in sales per month Some No*
Option #4 $249 N/A N/A 1 Year $0 No No Yes Yes

*-Need Business Checking account

Picking the correct plan is very important for your business. That is why Langer Enterprises gives you so many options. Here are the good and bad points of each plan listed above.


Option #1:
Good: No set up fees, no contract and offers merchant account if needed.
Bad: Highest % charges.

Go with this option if you are going to sell a lot of merchandise, monthly fees for the year add up to $599.40.


Option #2:
Good: Lower monthly fees and % than option one.
Bad: Set up fee.

Go with this option if your sales are medium in volume. Monthly fees for the year equal $300.00 and with set up fee it is still cheaper than option one, but you must have a merchant account already.


Option #3:
Good: No set up fees or monthly charges and funds can go into your business account.
Bad: Sales must equal $1000 a month or % will go up. Customer must fill out lengthy form in order to process purchase.

Go with this set up if your sales are over $1000 a month and quickness of sale for the customer is not a major concern.


Option #4:
Good: No set up or transaction fees.
Bad: Need merchant Account, 1 year contract and yearly fee. ($249.00)

A good all around package for the average e-commerce site ($20.00 a month). This package requires a lot of set up hours by Langer Enterprises for the functionality. (Time based on amount of items offered) They offer cheaper prices but it is more complex to set up.

All of these prices do not include design hours by Langer Enterprises to initially set up the on-line functionality for your site. Let us know what you want and we will give you an estimate. Do not delay getting your business selling on-line, 24 hours a day!!


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